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Support the future of recovery in Napa

Donate to  NRRC as it remains the welcoming door for all people in recovery in Napa Valley, whether you are taking a first step to recovery, or have walked day by day in recovery for many years. 

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Other ways to Donate

Lucky Supermarkets Program - Enter 7072262278 when you check out at the cash register and NRRC will  get .05% of the total of your sale.

Amazon Program - Sign in to and pick Napa Recovery Resource Center for your non-profit donation. 

Every time you shop on NRRC will get up to 0.05% of your purchase.


Your Support is Needed and Appreciated!

Monthly Membership:

             Single - $20.00/month

             Couple - $30.00/month

Download Membership Form (mail in) 

Yearly Membership:

             Single - $200.00

             Couple - $300.00

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