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Weekly Meetings

MONDAY                    6PM                 NICO                                        Nicotine Anonymous Meeting

                                     7:30PM           BIG BOOK STUDY                  Open AA


TUESDAY                     7:00PM           SOBER TODAY                        Open AA Speaker Discussion


WEDNESDAY             6PM                  NA WOMAN'S                         WOMAN'S Open NA

                                    7:30PM            NA OPEN                                 NA Speaker Discussion


THURSDAY                 12NOON         GRAPEVINE                             Open AA Book Meeting                                 

                                    4PM                  3rd THUR                                NRRC Open Board Meeting

                                    5:30PM             Women’s Big Book                Big Book Study for Women

                                    8PM                  PARTICIPATION GROUP        Open AA Speaker Discussion


FRIDAY                        7PM                  CREATIVE RECOVERY            1st & 3rd Friday (Women only)

                                    10PM                FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS          Open NA Meeting


SATURDAY                 10:30AM            SOS WOMAN'S                      Closed Woman AA Meeting

                                    6PM                   UNITY GROUP                       Open AA Meeting


SUNDAY                     7:30AM             BEING QUIET                          Closed Meditation

                                    10AM                CAME TO BELIEVE                  Open AA Book Meeting

                                    1:00PM             YPAA Regional                        Last Sunday of the Month

                                    5PM                  NAPYPAA (3rd Sunday)          Open Young People Business Mtg    

                                    630PM              PICPC (3rd Sunday)                Public Information Meeting


Spanish Language Meetings:

MON/WED/FRI           7:40PM - 9:40PM 

                                                              VOLVER A CREER                     SPANISH AA

TUES/THURS              6:30PM - 8:30PM  

                                                              SPANISH NA                             SPANISH NA

Events Calendar

THURSDAY           3rd Thursday of each month    4:00pm      NRRC Monthly Board Meeting  (Open, Positions Available)

FRIDAY                  1st  Friday of each month         6:00pm      Creative Recovery, Free Flow Friday (Women Only)

FRIDAY                  2nd Friday of each month        7:00pm      NA Social Gathering

FRIDAY                  3rd Friday of each month         6:00pm      Creative Recovery, Project Based workshop - Please RSVP (Women Only)

SUNDAY               3rd Sunday of each month        5:00pm      Napypaa meets and PICPC meets immediately after at 6:30pm

Starting in July on Sundays from 1pm  to 4pm: Come hear Ben and Tribal band jam and socialize with us!  (Through the Summer)

Sunday, September 23rd  - 7:00am      John Barleycorn 5th annual Golf Tournament and Fundraiser 

To sponsor a hole please click on donation here

Our Goal

Our Goal is to keep our doors open 365 days a year.

This year is the beginning of our fundraising campaign to raise funds to secure a permanent home for the NRRC. Our goal is to assure that  there will be a safe environment in Napa Valley dedicated to individuals and families in 12-Step recovery for generations to come.  The NRRC remains the welcoming door for all people in recovery in Napa Valley, whether you  are taking a first step to recovery, or have walked day by day in recovery for many years.

To reach our goal of keeping our permanent home, we need support at every level. Please consider supporting the NRRC through a generous donation or by sponsoring an upcoming event. And, be sure to sign up as a member - for a small monthly donation you'll help keep our doors open for daily operations.

Thank you for considering the NRRC for your donations and support in the coming year. Forr more information, contact


Napa Recovery Resource Center is a non-profit, 501c3.


Please remember, while we are blessed to live here in Napa Valley and enjoy all that our community has to offer, many live with the difficulties and brokeness of addiction.  You, or someone you know may struggle with it everyday. Your donation will make a difference.

Get Involved. Volunteer!

Looking for a way to serve? We need your help. Whether it's helping to prepare rooms  for meetings, working events, cleaning up, or being a friendly face to greet new comers - we would love to have you!


We need:
• 1 computer (new or late model)
• Printer

Your donation to NRRC will help those in recovery have free access to internet job search! 

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